Finishing Touches: Kai’s Bicycle

A couple of items I alluded to in my previous post about my Fat City bicycle restoration arrived in the mail today. Naturally, I quickly set to work installing them on my bicycle. “Naturally”, because even though I should have been working to finalize the insulation design on [Read More…]

Review : The BikeBuddy

Overall Rating: (5/5) Highly Recommended

We are very excited to use our BikeBuddy’s to securely mount ½ gallon bottles on our frames and also to carry up to 1.0 liter (33oz) fuel bottles underneath the down tubes on our bikes without any fear of vibrations and road shock dislodging any of them.

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Water Storage & Transport Part 2

BikeBuddy on frame


In this series of posts we’ll examine different ways of transporting water on a bicycle and focus on the solutions we plan to implement during our global cycling expedition. This is the 2nd of 3 posts.


In this post we’ll talk about:



“Traditional” water bottle cages

Constructed of nylon, plastic, aluminium, stainless steel and, most recently, carbon [Read More…]

Water Storage & Transport Part 1

Image: Simon Howden

While small capacity plastic water bottles and traditional bottle cages might be fine for a short tour or even a mid-distance training ride, what options are there for cyclists concerned about plastics or those planning rides to places where the ability to transport an adequate quantity of potable water on the bike is paramount? In this series of posts we’ll examine different ways [Read More…]