Tiny House Building Science: The Floor

** NOTICE ** At least one aspect of the following post differs from that which we implemented in the end-design and/or the actual construction of our Tiny House. For the most accurate and up-to-date information please refer to our eBook.

Perhaps the largest single issue in the design of our tiny home [Read More…]

Levelling Floor Joists

Our work on the trailer has been delayed by weather, as well as having to spend more time than expected on levelling the floor joists.

Kai will post more about the problems associated with an uneven trailer and levelling woes later. For now, photos of our progress…

We recycled most of the rafters from the shed (the darker floor joists running down the center of the trailer). In [Read More…]

Building a Strong Foundation and Our Find of the Month

The work on the Tiny House has begun!

Kai leveling the trailer. We had four scissor jacks welded on to our custom-made frame by a Vermont welder.

Measuring/Cutting floor joists.

Kai drilled holes in order to bolt the floor joists to the trailer (apparently this took a lot of time and energy and wasn’t much [Read More…]

An Update (September already?!)

printing press

If it seems like we’ve been neglecting our blog lately, we have been! With the cool Vermont evenings sneaking their way into our lives, we’re frantically focused on trying to finish exterior work – landscaping and maintenance of the house. To be truthful, we’re freaking out a bit because we’re behind schedule on a lot of our to-do list. Plus, [Read More…]