Building our Tiny House : Weeks 18, 19 & 20


We had a few bumps in the road during weeks 18, 19 & 20 of building our tiny house on a trailer, two of them being exhaustion and lack of motivation. Much rain, including Tropical storm Irene, and a cold snap, in which our evening temperatures dropped close to freezing, shook us out of our lull. We’re working hard to get [Read More…]

Building our Tiny House : Weeks 15, 16 & 17

During weeks 15, 16 & 17 of building our tiny house on a trailer, we finish installing the trim & redwood siding on the dormers, build a wood store with left over material, and begin to clean up and landscape the yard. Current Report

Finishing up on week 19, we’ve prepped the underside [Read More…]

Building our Tiny House : Weeks 13 & 14

During weeks 13 & 14 of building our tiny house on a trailer, we finish installing the redwood siding on the main building, and complete the rain screen wall and trim on the east dormer. Frequent rain showers, visitors from far and near, and a four day “vacation” to deliver our cat to his new [Read More…]

Simplifying: Who knew it could be so much work?

Image: dan

“Stepping beyond the confines of your comfort zone will call on you to dig deeper into yourself than you have up to now; to dare to accomplish things which have no guarantee of success and to trade the “fine and good” for an experience of life that is far better, deeper, richer and infinitely more gratifying to your spirit.” ~Margie Warrell, Find [Read More…]

Reviving Lime Mortar: A Stone Foundation's Best Friend

Hydraulic Lime

I am coming to the end of a long-term project involving the stone foundation that supports our early-1890’s home. Looking around the city where I live, many 19th Century era stone foundations, and many brick homes and chimneys as well, are in dire need of repair, ours being no exception. Originally bound together with a mixture of locally-sourced fired-limestone, sand and water, the joints between [Read More…]

An Update (September already?!)

printing press

If it seems like we’ve been neglecting our blog lately, we have been! With the cool Vermont evenings sneaking their way into our lives, we’re frantically focused on trying to finish exterior work – landscaping and maintenance of the house. To be truthful, we’re freaking out a bit because we’re behind schedule on a lot of our to-do list. Plus, [Read More…]