Cycling Sinaloa :: Heat & Hospitality

Weaving in and out of traffic, we finally reach the wide shoulders of Highway 15 leading out of Mazatlan. It is hot, we’re thoroughly drenched in sweat and we are leaving later than we’d like, but we’re feeling energetic and hopeful. We’ve been off the bicycles for over a month, waiting for the ferry in La Paz, waiting for visa extensions and [Read More…]

Siesta, Tacos & Rosaries :: La Paz Bound

Strong headwinds were making a normally easy downhill into Ciudad Insurgentes feel like a steady battle. We pull into town around 11:30 and are already sweating profusely from the heat, ready for a break.

After a quick ride up and down the main road running through town we slip into a large supermercado, both to enjoy the air [Read More…]

Up and Over the Sierra de la Giganta

A walkway in Loreto’s tourist section.

The day brought a mix of emotions. We had just spent some time intensely examining both our relationship to our travelling around the world by bicycle as well as our relationship with each other and those around us. We were ready to get back on our bicycles, feeling more secure in our intentions for the future but we were also feeling a little [Read More…]

TurnAbout :: Alternatives to Banning Urban Camping

turn · a · bout [turn-uh-bout]

1. the act of turning in a different or opposite direction. 2. a change of opinion, loyalty, etc. 3. a reciprocal action; act of doing to someone exactly as that person has done to oneself or another. 4. a person who changes things; a radical.

We’re introducing a new series on our blog! Our “TurnAbout” series will cover editorial [Read More…]

Valle de los Cirios to Guerrero Negro

After spending so much time on the back roads of Baja we’re ready to discover pockets of civilization again. More specifically, our minds are focused on water. We can’t wait to be in a place where we don’t have to worry about running out of it, plus we’re in serious need of showers.

Back on pavement, the riding is [Read More…]

Our First Stage :: Cycling USA Video

Our shadows chase us the entire way, rejoicing in the sunlight while we do all the work.

It seems like only yesterday that we pedaled out of Burlington, Vermont to begin our around the world adventure. As you may remember, we were supposed to leave way back in April of 2011 but had to take care of a tiny project before we [Read More…]