Siesta, Tacos & Rosaries :: La Paz Bound

Strong headwinds were making a normally easy downhill into Ciudad Insurgentes feel like a steady battle. We pull into town around 11:30 and are already sweating profusely from the heat, ready for a break.

After a quick ride up and down the main road running through town we slip into a large supermercado, both to enjoy the air [Read More…]

Happy 41st Birthday Sheila!

You are intensely compassionate and fiercely driven. Unselfish in your caring and loyal to your cause, you embrace each day with equal parts determination and skepticism. You astound us with your willingness to grow and learn. We are completely in awe of your inner strength and so proud to know you and to share your world. You love so strongly and so too are you loved!

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Happy 40th Birthday Kai!

You are a man of integrity and courage. Open-hearted, you take in the world, in all its beauty and all its sorrow, and you stand determined to love and protect what is sacred. For all of this, and more, we love you.