Lessons in Fresh Water and Baja River Sand

Stuff we consume has to come from somewhere, right? Whether its drinking water or construction aggregate, unless you produce it yourself, someone somewhere else has to get it for you. And, unfortunately, while getting this stuff for you, sometimes other folks don’t carry front and center your best interests or the best interests of the environment.

The following are a couple of examples of things that should be obvious [Read More…]

Quakes, Volcanoes & the 'Hill of Hell'

Our time in Guerrero Negro offered us a very nice break. So nice, as a matter of fact, that it took us awhile to leave.

With our hotel room offering two beds, one for each of us to perch upon, we spent our time leisurely catching up on world news, writing, reading and connecting. [Read More…]

Valle de los Cirios to Guerrero Negro

After spending so much time on the back roads of Baja we’re ready to discover pockets of civilization again. More specifically, our minds are focused on water. We can’t wait to be in a place where we don’t have to worry about running out of it, plus we’re in serious need of showers.

Back on pavement, the riding is [Read More…]

Off-Grid in Baja :: A New Perspective

Day 2 Off the grid :: Rested and ready to tackle the road less traveled.

I hadn’t handled our first day on the back roads of Baja very well (Kai might say that was an understatement) but twelve hours can make all the difference. It was a new day. I had some experience riding the rough road under my belt and the [Read More…]

Leaving Gonzaga Bay :: The Remembering

Not the best road for bicycling but not the worst either.

I’m watching our loaded bicycles while Kai is inside Rancho Grande gathering enough food for three to four days of wild camping. I, along with several other folks, am being entertained by a man cycling around the outdoor patio with a baby balanced on the handlebars. The look on the baby’s face is priceless, one of pure glee, [Read More…]

On the Road to Gonzaga Bay

Best road yet!

As we leave Puertecitos we thank our lucky legs for one of Baja’s previous expansion efforts. Less than two years ago the pavement had ended at Puertecitos and a gravel road took its place but today a brand new and mostly unused highway lay before us. It would provide an additional 33 smooth miles before we would hit the infamous back roads of Baja. [Read More…]