La Paz :: The Peace

A Day Older. Not feeling wiser though!

Rising with the sun, we pack and make the multiple trips back to the highway, first holding our panniers high to avoid catching on the dense, thorny growth around us, then the bicycles. We check our tires quickly for any thorns that might have hitched a ride before we [Read More…]

Cumbre de los Pueblos :: The People's Summit

(This was originally scheduled to be posted on 6/26/2012.)

Government and business leaders from the world’s 20 wealthiest and most influential countries in the world met in Los Cabos, Baja last week (June 18-19th) for the G20 Summit.

Readers may recall the protests that took place at the last couple of G20 summits; last year in Cannes, France and the year before [Read More…]

Siesta, Tacos & Rosaries :: La Paz Bound

Strong headwinds were making a normally easy downhill into Ciudad Insurgentes feel like a steady battle. We pull into town around 11:30 and are already sweating profusely from the heat, ready for a break.

After a quick ride up and down the main road running through town we slip into a large supermercado, both to enjoy the air [Read More…]

Up and Over the Sierra de la Giganta

A walkway in Loreto’s tourist section.

The day brought a mix of emotions. We had just spent some time intensely examining both our relationship to our travelling around the world by bicycle as well as our relationship with each other and those around us. We were ready to get back on our bicycles, feeling more secure in our intentions for the future but we were also feeling a little [Read More…]

Conception Bay to Loreto :: Lone but Beautiful

We leave Santa Rosalia early and spend the day climbing up, down and around a meandering Highway 1. The road sneaks inland then naturally comes back to the shore to catch glimpses of the ever-beautiful Sea of Cortez. Eventually we make our way toward another oasis on our route, the small town of Mulege.

Kai climbing into Mulege

[Read More…]

Quakes, Volcanoes & the 'Hill of Hell'

Our time in Guerrero Negro offered us a very nice break. So nice, as a matter of fact, that it took us awhile to leave.

With our hotel room offering two beds, one for each of us to perch upon, we spent our time leisurely catching up on world news, writing, reading and connecting. [Read More…]