Sinaloa to Nayarit :: Coastal Heat, Climbing & The Dash

[Did you miss us? After a month off from blogging, we’re picking up where we left off. In case you’re wondering where we are right now, we’re currently hunkered down in a quiet little town in Jalisco, a little over 5,000 feet above sea level, hoping to finish writing our Tiny House eBook. It’s an absolutely beautiful time to be here right now [Read More…]

Off-Grid in Baja :: A New Perspective

Day 2 Off the grid :: Rested and ready to tackle the road less traveled.

I hadn’t handled our first day on the back roads of Baja very well (Kai might say that was an understatement) but twelve hours can make all the difference. It was a new day. I had some experience riding the rough road under my belt and the [Read More…]

Leaving Gonzaga Bay :: The Remembering

Not the best road for bicycling but not the worst either.

I’m watching our loaded bicycles while Kai is inside Rancho Grande gathering enough food for three to four days of wild camping. I, along with several other folks, am being entertained by a man cycling around the outdoor patio with a baby balanced on the handlebars. The look on the baby’s face is priceless, one of pure glee, [Read More…]

On the Road to Gonzaga Bay

Best road yet!

As we leave Puertecitos we thank our lucky legs for one of Baja’s previous expansion efforts. Less than two years ago the pavement had ended at Puertecitos and a gravel road took its place but today a brand new and mostly unused highway lay before us. It would provide an additional 33 smooth miles before we would hit the infamous back roads of Baja. [Read More…]

Cycling to Rancho Maria Teresa :: The Questioning

Hwy 3, suddenly lacking a shoulder and drastically deteriorating!

Our second day of cycling in Baja California was a tough one. The nice wide shoulders of the day before quickly disappeared and traffic was fast and heavy. Throw two mountain passes, a couple of military checkpoints, and a fierce headwind into the mix and you’ll have two frazzled cyclists on your hands at the end of the day.

Although [Read More…]