Cycling Shorts :: Interviews

Image: graur codrin

Over the years, as we’ve prepared for our tour, we’ve followed a number of cyclists who were already out there experiencing the world from the seat of a bicycle.  Anxiously following their adventures online, their blogs provided inspirational fodder for our dreams.  Although we hadn’t met a single one of these cyclists personally, we felt intricately connected to them somehow and were moved by their online reflections, their struggles and their triumphs.

We recently contacted some of these folks, to find out what motivated them to pursue long term travel, what challenges they faced, both in preparing for their trips and while on the road, and what advice they would offer others dreaming of traveling.  Thus begins our “Cycling Shorts” – a series of short Q & A sessions with cyclists who are traveling or have traveled the world by bicycle.  The answers we received in response to our questions were as varied and unique as the travelers themselves, but each of them offers us a glimpse of what it means to respond to the call of the open road.

We’ll list the interviews here as they are added to our blog, with a link to the original post.


Q & A with Tom Allen of Tom’s Bike Trip

Q & A with Friedel & Andrew of TravellingTwo

Q & A with Emma & Justin of Rolling Tales

Q & A with Erin & Sam Barkley of The Biking Barkleys

Q & A with Russ & Laura of The Path Less Pedaled

Q & A with Sonya of

Q & A with Amaya of