Galvanizing Hope Series

gal· va· nize [gal-vuh-nahyz]; verb

1. to stimulate
2. to treat with induced direct current
3. to startle into sudden activity
4. to coat (metal) with zinc (to add strength)

Our “Galvanizing Hope” series, as we mentioned in our “On Goals and Living Intentionally” post, will highlight ideas, individuals or organizations that strengthen our hope in our collective future and that represent our ability to achieve great things, both as individuals and as a community.  When our momentum waivers, when burn out or despair sets in, when the world seems to be working against humanity’s best interest, we turn toward the light of the people or organizations highlighted in this series to remind us that we are all interconnected and that, together, we can create a better future.


Restorative Justice & Advocate Sujatha Baliga

What is Restorative Justice?  Studies have shown that Restorative Justice practices reduce recidivism rates by as much as 27% and that for every dollar spent in the U.S. on restorative justice we save eight dollars on incarceration costs.  RJ conferences have reduced PTSD for victims of crimes by as much as 40%.  When RJ is used in place of court systems in cases of juvenile crime, only 10% end up committing another crime, compared to about 70% of those who go through the traditional criminal-justice system.