Cycling Kit

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SheilaKaiItem & (Quantity)Brand/ModelNew/Used/Already OwnedCountry of OriginNotes/Links
SheilaKaiItem & (Quantity)Brand/ModelNew/Used/Already OwnedCountry of OriginNotes/Links
Rear Panniers (2 sets)Ortlieb Backpacker PlusNew 2010GermanyShort Review
Front Pannier (2 sets)Ortlieb Front Roller PlusNew 2010GermanyShort Review
Rack Packs (2) - MediumOrtlieb Rack PacksNew 2010GermanyShort Review
Handlebar Bag (1)Ortlieb Ultimate 2 LargeOwned c.1999Germany
Handlebar Bag (1)Ortlieb Ultimate 5 LargeNew 2011Germany
Assorted Stuff/Compression SacksGranite Gear/Sea to SummitOwned c.1999Korea
Compression Caps (2)Campmor/EquinoxNew 2010USA
Laptop/Netbook Sleeves (2)DIY/AsusDIY 2011/New 2010USA/China
Day/Backpacks (2)WanderliteNew 2010USAWhy We Purchased
Insulated Cube (1)Outdoor ResearchOwned c.1997USA
Burrito Tool Bags (2)WidgetsOwned c. 2005USANLIB
Small Travel Wallet/Bag (2)Owned c. 1995
Storage Bags/Folders for Documents/Paper
Assorted Bags - String Bag/Plastic Ziploc Bags


SheilaKaiItem & (Quantity)Brand/ModelNew/Used/Already OwnedCountry of OriginNotes/Links
SheilaKaiItem & (Quantity)Brand/ModelNew/Used/Already OwnedCountry of OriginNotes/Links
Frame Pumps (2)Zefal HPXOwned c.1994, New 2010France
Cycling Multi-Tool (2)SKS Toolbox Travel/ParkToolNew 2009/Owned c.2004Germany/ChinaShort Bit about SKS Tool Here
Bicycle Bells (2)Crane/IncredibellNew 2010Japan/USA
Pedal WrenchPedrosNew 2011China
Bottom Bracket ToolPhil WoodNew 2011USA
Cassette Removal ToolNBT (Next Best Thing #2)New 2011Netherlands
Mini Adjustable WrenchMaster MechanicOwned c. 1995USA
Skewer Removal ToolPitlockGermany
Foldable Spare Tires (2)Panaracer Tserv PTJapan
Brake Pads (4 – set for
Spare Spokes (12)DTUSA
Break-away derailleur boltsMiddleburnEnglandMore About This Part Here
Spare Tubes (4)
Tube Patch Kits
Stove Maintenance KitMSRUSA
Thermarest Patch KitThermarestUSA
Pannier Patch KitOrtliebGermany
Tent/Nylon Patch Kit
Cog Removal ToolRohloffGermany
Spare ChainWippermann 808Germany
Oil Change KitRohloffGermany
Chain Lube BoeshieldUSA
Misc. Parts (Tape, wire, bolts, rags, etc.)

First Aid Kit

SheilaKaiItem & (Quantity)Brand/ModelNew/Used/Already OwnedCountry of OriginNotes/Links
SheilaKaiItem & (Quantity)Brand/ModelNew/Used/Already OwnedCountry of OriginNotes/Links
Pain Relievers OTC & High Strength
Antibacterial Cream OTC
Anti-Itch Cream OTC
Motion Sickness
Anti-Diarrheal OTC & High Strength
Anti-Fungal Cream OTC
Anti-Nausea/Calming Medication
Skin Creams (rash, dermatitis, etc.)
Antibacterial Cream/Petroleum Jelly
Intestinal Infection Medication
Allergy Medication/Antihistamine
Antibiotic (Bacterial Infection)
Antibiotic Eye Drops
Antibiotic Wash (Iodine/Hydrogen Peroxide)