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SheilaKaiItem & (Quantity)Brand/ModelNew/Used/Already OwnedCountry of OriginNotes/Links
SheilaKaiItem & (Quantity)Brand/ModelNew/Used/Already OwnedCountry of OriginNotes/Links
√√√√Base Layer SS Tee Merino (4)IbexNew 2011USA
Lightweight LS Tee Merino (1)NorsectechOwned c.2007NZPurchased while in NZ
Lightweight LS Tee Merino (1)IbexNew 2011USA
Lightweight LS Tee Merino (1)Rambler’s WayNew 2011USA
Lightweight SS Tee Merino (1)NorsectechOwned c.2007NZPurchased while in NZ. Sent back home.
Lightweight Sleeveless Tunic Merino(1)IbexNew 2010USA
Midweight LS Tee Merino (2)IbexNew 2010/2011USA
Heavyweight LS Merino (1)IbexNew 2010USA
Midweight Cycling Belero, wool (1)JoneswaresNew 2010USA
Schoeller Messenger Knickers (1)Chrome ‘Telegraaph’New 2011USA
Meridian Capri (1)Stonewear DesignsNew (Discount) 2011USA
Patrol Convertible Pants w/chamois (1)MoceanOwned c.2009USA
Convertible Pants (1)Mountain HardwareNew 2011India
Fleece Pants (1)BellweatherOwned c.1996USA
Midweight Rockin’ Pants (1)Stonewear DesignsNew (Discount) 2011USA
Waterproof Breathable Rain Pants (1)RivendellNew 2011USA/JapanShort Review;Full Review;Why We Purchased
Waterproof Breathable Rain Pants (1)BurleyNew 2011USA
eVent Waterproof Rain Jacket(1)Cutter (Westcomb)New 2010CanadaShort Review;Why We Purchased
Cruiser eVent Rain Jacket (1)WestcombNew 2011Canada
Primaloft Jacket(1)LL BeanOwned c.1992USA
Primaloft Jacket(1)EMSOwned c.2002China
Base Layer Boxers-wool (2) w/chamoisLab GearNew (Donated) 2011AustraliaWorn as daily cycling boxer;Full Review;Why We Purchased
Base Layer Boxers-wool (1)PulseActivewearNew 2011USAWorn off the bike
Boxers-Capilene (1)PatagoniaOwned c.2000USAReplaced with wool.
Base Layer Boxers-wool (1)Rivendell MUSA New 2011USAWorn off the bike; Short Review
Base Layer Women’s Panty-wool (1)PulseActivewearNew 2011USAWorn off the bike. Wool tore/wore out - could no longer repair and wear.
Base Layer Panty, nylon/spandex (3)HerLook CommandoNew (Donated) 2011USAWorn as daily cycling undies
Base Layer Panty, wool boyshort(1)IbexNew 2011NZ/TurkeyWorn as daily cycling undies
Base Layer SportsBra, synthetic(1)JockeyOwned c.2009Unknown
Base Layer Balance Bralette, wool (1)IbexNew 2011NZ/Turkey
Base Layer Tank Top/Cami , wool (1)Rambler’s WayNew 2011USA
Base Layer Tank Top, synthetic(1)PranaNew 2011USA
Polypropylene Long Johns (1)LIFAOwned c.1993USA
Wool Long Johns (1)JoneswaresNew 2010USA
Fire Jumper Belt (1)BisonOwned c.2006USA
Board shorts (bathing suit) (1)PatagoniaOwned c.2007Thailand
Rockin’ Shorts (1)Stonewear DesignsNew (Discount) 2010USAAct as both cycling shorts & swimwear.
Lightweight Wool Hat (2)IbexOwned c.2009USA
Cotton Cycling Cap (1)UnknownOwned c.1998USA
Solar Sombrero (1)Outdoor ResearchOwned c.1999USA
Mid-Weight Fleece Hat (1)PerigeeOwned c.2000USA
Aquanot waterproof shell gloves(1)Pearl IzumiOwned c.1998USA
Fleece Bunting Gloves (1)PatagoniaOwned c.1995USA
Lightweight Wool Gloves (1)IbexNew (Gift) 2011Sri Lanka
½ Finger Cycling Gloves (1)erGOAirOwned c.2007ChinaLost in California somewhere, replaced with generic 1/2 finger gloves.
Neoprene Gloves (2)Santini/SeirusNew 2011China
Wool Socks Lightweight (2)DefeetNew 2011USA
Wool Socks Lightweight (2)SmartwoolNew (Gift) 2011USA
Wool Socks Midweight (2)DarnToughNew (Gift) 2011USA
Wool Socks Heavyweight (2)Wool Socks Heavyweight (2) Sock GuyNew 2011USA
Wool Socks Heavyweight (1)SmartwoolOwned c.2009USA
Approach Shoes (1)AsoloNew 2011Romania
Hiking ShoesLowaNew 2011Slovakia
√√Neck Gator/Hat (3)BuffNew (Gift) 2011Spain
Gore-Tex Overboots (2) TaigaNew 2011Canada
Sandals (2)ChacoOwned c.2007/2008USA
Flip-flops (1)UnknownOwned c.2006Unknown
Durastretch Knickers, _blk label (1)Swrve2012USAOur Visit to the Swrve's L.A. Ofice