It’s But a Dream

How we realized our dreams of quitting an unsustainable lifestyle, building our own tiny house and bicycling around the world. [Read More…]

Building our Tiny House : Weeks 21 & 22

Weeks 21 & 22 of building our tiny house on a trailer bring us to the end of our Tiny House story, for now. We had to set a drop-dead date to leave on our bicycles, before the really cool weather sets in. We could have continued to do a million things to finish our Tiny House and to make it perfect [Read More…]

We're off!

After a mad dash to close up the Tiny House and to pack our panniers, we’re off on our round-the-world travels by bicycle!! We’re sure there is something we’ve forgotten to take care of but such is life, and we will deal with those as they come up.

We are feeling a mix of emotions right now. Leaving a Tiny House we’ve put so much of our hearts into [Read More…]

Time to Pack it Up

Last week the Canada geese began to honk their way through Vermont. Although there is plenty to do before the Tiny House is “finished”, and our personalities are such that we could continue working indefinitely, the time has come for us to follow the calling of the geese, to pack it up and head in a southerly direction.

There was a moment [Read More…]

How a Tiny House Project Delayed our Cycling Expedition

Before we can head out on our around-the-world cycling expedition, we need to finish building the exterior envelope of our Tiny House on a trailer, which we plan on living in when we return from our travels. Building our tiny home has been just one part of our larger dream – a dream of learning to live more sustainably, clearing the “clutter” from [Read More…]

The Mad Dash & Another Book Giveaway

** NOTICE ** At least one aspect of the following post differs from that which we implemented in the end-design and/or the actual construction of our Tiny House. For the most accurate and up-to-date information please refer to our eBook.

The Last Two Weeks!?!

I can’t believe after years of preparing for our round the world [Read More…]