Scenes from Lake Chapala :: Part 2

More photos of our time spent on the north shore of Lake Chapala, taken in various locations between Ajijic and Chapala.

Kai surrounded by flowers, Ajijic

Kai surrounded by flowers, Ajijic

Ajijic Street Scene

A bright and happy abode.

Chapala Monday Market

Chapala Market Day

Chapala Monday Market

Chapala Monday Market : Prickly Pear

Chapala Market :: Prickly Pear

Chapala Monday Market

Kai walking through the Monday Market

Rugs being sold off highway, Ajijic

Wook rugs for sale along the highway.

Bicycle shop in Ajijic

Stopping to chat with the local bicycle shop mechanic/owner.

Cobblestone streets in Ajijic

Close up of cobblestones that run throughout the towns.

Ajijic Street Scene : Murals

Cool gallery in Ajijic.

Food Vendor, downtown Ajijic

Street vendor setting up off Ajijic Plaza.

Ajijic Street Scene : Murals (Efren Gonzalez)

Ajijic Street Scene : Murals by Efren Gonzalez – absolutely gorgeous!

Students walking home, Ajijic

School’s Out for the Day.

Flowers, Ajijic

Beautiful flowers, growing on thick, thorny stalks.

Ajijic Street Scenes :  Highway vendors

Vendors selling goods along the highway.

Lake Chapala, from Chapala Malecon

View of Lake Chapala from Chapala’s Malecon

Scenes on Lake Chapala : Looking from Chapala Malecon

Lake Chapala, Chapala

Kai stopping at an Indoor Market in Chapala

Indoor market, Chapala

Indoor Market in Chapala

Meat Market

Flowers in San Antonio Tlayacapan

Flowers in San Antonio Tlayacapan

Kids Playing in Chapala

Kids playing in the plaza, Chapala.



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