Scenes from Lake Chapala :: September

Flowers, Ajijic

Flowers in Ajijic

As I said in our last post, we have lots of catching up to do.

Over the coming weeks we’re going to be posting about a variety of things, from the inspirational people we’ve met while in Mexico to updates and reviews on our cycling gear and equipment.

We’re also going to throw in a post or two on some additional details about our Tiny House.  Although we’ve already shared 16 videos of our building progress and lots of posts about things like appliances and building science, we realized in preparing for the release of our Tiny House eBook that we haven’t shared many photos on our blog.  And since we gleaned so much information from other Tiny House DIYers photos before we built our own home, we want to share what we can if it might be helpful to someone else.

But, today, we’ll start with some photos from when we first arrived in Ajijic in September:

Our First backyard in Ajijic

I’m in love with all the flowers in Ajijic. This is a view of our backyard fence and the vines/bushes growing over it. Just lovely.

Ajijic Street Scene

Ajijic’s streets are cobblestone and usually steep. Sometimes it’s easier on our bikes (and us) to push them up the sidewalks rather than ride them.

Dentist office in Ajijic

A Dentist’s Office is directly across the street from us. 150 Pesos for a cleaning – that’s around $12US

Flowers, Ajijic

More beautiful flowers hanging over the fences, taken on a morning walk.

Jesús López Vega, beginning of mural

I met Jesús López Vega on one of my morning walks, as he was painting a mural on a city street wall. I spent the next couple of hours with him in his studio, looking at and talking about his amazing art work, life and humankind’s uncanny ability to pollute the earth. More on Jesús and his life/work to come in a future post.

Lake Chapala, Ajijic

View of Heron on Lake Chapala, mountains on the other side of the lake barely visible.

Lake Chapala, Ajijic Malecon

Another view of Lake Chapala from the Ajijic Malecon

Ajijic outdoor theatre on the malecon

An outdoor theater in Ajijic, along the malecon.

Sheila, after first haircut in over a year!

I hadn’t had my hair cut in over a year so I splurged on one since we were actually stopping for a bit in Ajijic. Made me look presentable for a couple of days, until my hair went back to it’s naturally squirrely, curly state.

Ajijic Street Scene : Mural

Mural on a bathroom wall off the malecon in Ajijic. “Baños Mujeres – 3 pesos” = Women’s Bathroom (cost to enter 3 pesos).

Ajijic Street Scene : Mural

Colorful murals are painted on businesses and homes throughout town. Also, you’ll notice those bright orange flowering trees all over the place.

Fred, Cris, Sheila & Kai

Fred, Cris and their dog Greta (our hosts in Mazatlan) stopped by for a visit. We were so glad to have had the opportunity to spend time with them again. (They’re currently bicycle touring through southern Laos.)

Ajijic Street Scene

On the streets of Ajijic, Fred in the distance.

Ajijic Street Scene : Mural

Another great mural on the streets of Ajijic.

Basket Maker/Vender in Ajijic

This gentleman walks the streets every day, selling his baskets and hats. I bought a cool small change purse from him made of recycled candy/chip wrappers.

Ajijic Street Scene : Mural

One of the more impressive murals in Ajijic. This building houses the police station.

Walking/Wheelchair ramp in Ajijic

Even their walking/wheelchair ramps are works of art!

Ajijic Street Scene

Upholstery Shop in Ajijic

Ajijic Street Scene

Streetscape of Ajijic.

Next up: Gear Reviews and October Photos


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