Chapala's Tianguis :: Monday Market

One of my favorites at the market :: candied sweet potatoes. YUMMMMMY!

If there’s one thing Kai & I love, it’s good food. And we can find plenty of it around Lake Chapala.

We found an organic vegetable market just down the street from us that happens every Tuesday and that’s become our go-to market every week but when we first arrived we rode the 7 km to Chapala to check out their Monday Market.  It’s a much larger market, stretching for blocks through the city, and you can get great deals here on almost anything.  Broke your glass coffee pot and need a replacement?  They’ll have it.  Need clothes, a bed or shoes?  They’ll have that too.

Check out the video below of our stroll through the market:



Bicycling Around the World :: Chapala’s Tianguis (Monday Market) from 2 cycle 2gether on Vimeo.



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