La Paz :: The Peace

A Day Older. Not feeling wiser though!

Rising with the sun, we pack and make the multiple trips back to the highway, first holding our panniers high to avoid catching on the dense, thorny growth around us, then the bicycles. We check our tires quickly for any thorns that might have hitched a ride before we [Read More…]

Cumbre de los Pueblos :: The People's Summit

(This was originally scheduled to be posted on 6/26/2012.)

Government and business leaders from the world’s 20 wealthiest and most influential countries in the world met in Los Cabos, Baja last week (June 18-19th) for the G20 Summit.

Readers may recall the protests that took place at the last couple of G20 summits; last year in Cannes, France and the year before [Read More…]