Conception Bay to Loreto :: Lone but Beautiful

We leave Santa Rosalia early and spend the day climbing up, down and around a meandering Highway 1. The road sneaks inland then naturally comes back to the shore to catch glimpses of the ever-beautiful Sea of Cortez. Eventually we make our way toward another oasis on our route, the small town of Mulege.

Kai climbing into Mulege

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Lessons in Fresh Water and Baja River Sand

Stuff we consume has to come from somewhere, right? Whether its drinking water or construction aggregate, unless you produce it yourself, someone somewhere else has to get it for you. And, unfortunately, while getting this stuff for you, sometimes other folks don’t carry front and center your best interests or the best interests of the environment.

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Quakes, Volcanoes & the 'Hill of Hell'

Our time in Guerrero Negro offered us a very nice break. So nice, as a matter of fact, that it took us awhile to leave.

With our hotel room offering two beds, one for each of us to perch upon, we spent our time leisurely catching up on world news, writing, reading and connecting. [Read More…]

TurnAbout :: Alternatives to Banning Urban Camping

turn · a · bout [turn-uh-bout]

1. the act of turning in a different or opposite direction. 2. a change of opinion, loyalty, etc. 3. a reciprocal action; act of doing to someone exactly as that person has done to oneself or another. 4. a person who changes things; a radical.

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Scenes from Guerrero Negro

We ended up spending a good chunk of time relaxing in our oasis at Hotel Malarrimo in Guerrero Negro. It was quiet and peaceful. The hotel had wi-fi (that we could actually connect to from INSIDE the room!) and a restaurant attached so some days I only moved from our room to the dining area and back (*embarrassing*).

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350 Kilometers for Change :: Join Us!

It’s time to Connect the Dots people!

Climate Impacts Day, sponsored by, is May 5th. It’s a global day of ACTION TAKING, a grassroots movement to fight climate change…….so get ready to ride with us!

We're riding for change. Join Us!


350 Kilometers :: 350 Parts Per Million

Scientists warn that we must reduce the amount of CO2 [Read More…]