Off-Grid in Baja :: A New Perspective

Day 2 Off the grid :: Rested and ready to tackle the road less traveled.

I hadn’t handled our first day on the back roads of Baja very well (Kai might say that was an understatement) but twelve hours can make all the difference. It was a new day. I had some experience riding the rough road under my belt and the [Read More…]

Activism through Daily Choice

Today is Earth Day and we challenge you to recognize your power to change the world.

You may not think of yourself as an activist, but you are. Yes, I’m talking to you. We are all activists. Every choice we make, every day, adds up to make a huge difference in the world. It’s really quite simple. Either we’re making healthy and life-sustaining choices or we’re making unhealthy [Read More…]

Leaving Gonzaga Bay :: The Remembering

Not the best road for bicycling but not the worst either.

I’m watching our loaded bicycles while Kai is inside Rancho Grande gathering enough food for three to four days of wild camping. I, along with several other folks, am being entertained by a man cycling around the outdoor patio with a baby balanced on the handlebars. The look on the baby’s face is priceless, one of pure glee, [Read More…]

On the Road to Gonzaga Bay

Best road yet!

As we leave Puertecitos we thank our lucky legs for one of Baja’s previous expansion efforts. Less than two years ago the pavement had ended at Puertecitos and a gravel road took its place but today a brand new and mostly unused highway lay before us. It would provide an additional 33 smooth miles before we would hit the infamous back roads of Baja. [Read More…]

Palapas & Hot Springs :: San Felipe to Puertecitos

Looking Back at San Felipe

Although we love the privacy that a hotel room offers us we left San Felipe with anticipation rising. Adventure lay before us. Over the next week we would be riding through some of the most remote and least traveled areas of Baja California, on some of the roughest roads. Besides travelling through a couple of small fishing villages that had little in way of [Read More…]

Review :: Rivendell MUSA Rain Pants

Overall Rating: (5/5) Highly Recommended

My Rivendell rain pants keep me dry as we ride round the world.

As evidenced in an earlier post, I purchased a pair of Rivendell’s MUSA Rain Pants at their debut (Size L) with the intent of using them on our around the world cycling trip. Having been on the road now [Read More…]