Our First Stage :: Cycling USA Video

Our shadows chase us the entire way, rejoicing in the sunlight while we do all the work.

It seems like only yesterday that we pedaled out of Burlington, Vermont to begin our around the world adventure.  As you may remember, we were supposed to leave way back in April of 2011 but had to take care of a tiny project before we could finally leave in October.  The drizzly, cold rain that accompanied us out of town that first day reminded us that winter was right around the corner and that we would likely need to hop on the train to get further west and out of southern California by the end of December.

Since then we’ve cycled over 2200 kilometers through the States, riding through beautiful Vermont, New York, Missouri, Iowa, and California, and traveled thousands more by train to help us bypass freezing rain and snow.  It’s been more challenging than we ever expected.  Every day has taught us something new and brought us greater clarity.  We realize now more than ever that this is about more than just riding our bicycles, it’s a journey to a new way of living, of learning how to live with less to be able to take in more of life around us.

Thanks to all of you for keeping us company along the way.

This is our video tribute to our time spent cycling through the United States:

Music By Major Chord :: Single File

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