Road to San Felipe :: Mountains to Desert to Sea

Flowering Tree in Ensenada

The night before we were planning to leave Ensenada we found out that one of Baja’s three largest off-road rally races was happening that weekend in San Felipe, which was our next destination.

What that meant for us was that the normally quiet and traffic-free Highway 3 heading east would be lined with a steady stream of cars full of people [Read More…]

Carnaval in Mexico

While staying in Ensenada we had the opportunity to experience Carnaval, a five day festival in which gluttony and all things carnal are celebrated before Lent‘s fasting begins for the Catholics. Mexico celebrates with parades, floats, costumes, music and drinking and dancing in the streets. This post showcases photos and a video of one of the parades we attended.

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Cycling to Ensenada :: Time for a Break

Riding into Ensenada on Highway 3, local cyclists ahead of us.

We left the beautiful Rancho Santa Maria Teresa behind as we continued down Highway 3 toward Ensenada. As we neared the city the quality of the highway improved and we found ourselves riding, once again, on nice, wide, shoulders. The weather and the views were spectacular.

We had planned on staying in Ensenada for [Read More…]

Gear Shakedown :: Water Storage Choices

At six months in to cycle touring we’ve had some experience using our equipment. Months ago we posted a three part series on how we were going to handle water storage and transportation while travelling. Here’s a quick shakedown on how our choices have fared so far:


Klean Kanteen Bottles

After 4 months of continuous use the “patent pending” screw top on one [Read More…]

Cycling to Rancho Maria Teresa :: The Questioning

Hwy 3, suddenly lacking a shoulder and drastically deteriorating!

Our second day of cycling in Baja California was a tough one. The nice wide shoulders of the day before quickly disappeared and traffic was fast and heavy. Throw two mountain passes, a couple of military checkpoints, and a fierce headwind into the mix and you’ll have two frazzled cyclists on your hands at the end of the day.

Although [Read More…]

Baja California, Mexico :: Dispelling Fear

The border guards and military personnel barely glanced at Kai & I as we walked our bicycles through the pedestrian entrance of the U.S./Tecate border and said nothing as we passed the office that we were required to stop at to collect our tourist cards, so in only a few short minutes we found ourselves starring dumbly at each other [Read More…]