Kai Featured on Aviation Justice Express

Aviation Justice Express, a group of activists and organizers that work toward creating a “leaner, greener, more just aviation system, as well as better alternative to an unsustainable system”, provide a wealth of information on their website about the aviation industry and its affects on climate change and communities.  They cover stories like how a group of citizen activists fought a decade-long battle against powerful lobbyists to prevent the expansion of London’s Heathrow Airport and present a myriad of activist views on aviation justice.


Yesterday they featured a post by Kai on their website.  Read the full article here!




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  • Allen Thoma

    I really appreciate this post! As I move my lifestyle along the path to greater sustainability I have grappled with my love of travel and a desire to see the world. Although I have flown to Asia and Europe in the past I cannot now with my rising awareness of the global carbon footprint of airline travel ever rationalize airline travel again. I am surrounded by friends and a society that sees nothing amiss in flying everywhere with no concern for the impact that has on our planet’s climate and our fellow voyagers on Earth. As I am too old/injury plagued to take up long distance bike travel I’ll just tag along vicariously with you! (maybe someday biofuel airline travel will be possible.)

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