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With our rears firmly planted in a hotel room in Lompoc for a couple of weeks, we’ve had lots of time to tackle tasks that aren’t as easy to take care of when cycling and on the road.  For one, we’ve been able to do some maintenance work on our website, upgrading WordPress to its most recent version, and filling in our pages with more detailed information about ourselves and our trip.  Here are some new things to take notice of:


Updated Gear Lists

Check out our new camp & kitchen, cycling kit, clothing, and electronics gear lists.  We include links to reviews of products and informational posts.  Because of our commitment to purchasing gear as locally as possible, from socially and environmentally responsible businesses, we also decided to include things like Country of Origin in order to remain transparent in how well we adhere to our own Purchasing Procedure and Ethical Sourcing policy, and we hope that it may help others in making decisions about their own gear purchases.


Recent Posts Widget

We added a recent posts widget to our Home page, so that you can quickly and easily see our three most recent posts.  Simply click on the post you want to access to begin reading.


Route Updates

We added a “Planned Route”, which is a very rough outline of our planned route, and an “Actual Route to Date” to our Route page.

If you haven’t already noticed, we also started adding detailed views of our daily or weekly routes at the bottom of each post, along with an elevation chart and links to each map and it’s GPS tracks at Bike Route Toaster.

We’re not sure if we’ll continue using Bike Route Toaster long term or not, since we’ve just started using the program, but we really like that we can enter a route we’d like to cycle and then download the tracks to our GPS.  We don’t own detailed GPS maps for our Garmin unit and the ones we could buy (the SD cards or downloads) don’t allow us to plan routes on our PC program to then transfer to our GPS unit.  Therefore, we’ve opted to try to use free, open source options like Bike Route Toaster instead of buying the more expensive maps.  We’re just beginning to learn about mapping options, so if you’re a cyclist with any suggestions on free or cheap GPS maps or programs out there, please, let us know.


Fundraising Projects

On our Fundraising Projects page you’ll find the addition of two new programs that we added to our own personal fundraising efforts this past year.  This past month, we gave holiday gifts to our friends and family members by making loans or donations in their names to these organizations.  It’s a great way to spread the love we feel for them to other parts of our community.  The two new programs:

Join the 2ycle2gether Kiva lending team.  You can lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world, so consider lending today!  Learn more about how it works.

When we first heard Maggie’s story, we knew we would have to visit her and the Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School on our way around the world.  Truly inspirational, Maggie was heart-broken by what she witnessed while backpacking through Nepal on her “gap year”, so she used her own life savings ($5,000) and sheer determination to create a home and school for the orphans of Nepal.  At 24 years of age, she’s still there, making it all happen.


More “About Us”

You’ll find a couple of new More about Kai and More about Sheila pages, in which we share how and why each of us have come to this point in our lives.

More On The Way & A Thank You!

Fellow cyclists will be glad to hear we have lots of product and gear reviews coming soon.  We’ve had some time on the road, testing our gear out, and dealing with warranty replacement issues, and we’re ready to tell it like it is.

Sheila has a new series in the works, to be revealed soon, which will highlight people and organizations that we meet on our travels.  It will focus specifically on those who inspire us, challenge us to think differently, or offer us innovative ways of approaching world problems.

Last, but not least, we want to thank all of you for sticking with us through our journey.  Your staying in touch, both here and on our Facebook page, really help us feel connected to a larger community, and your comments help lift us up when we need a boost.  We think you are awesome!


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