Catching the Midnight Train :: Nebraska to California

Our weekend stay in Council Bluffs, Iowa, with host, Tod, was wonderful.  We had time to take in some of the local sights, like the 24th Street bridge sculptures by Albert Paley, and downtown Omaha’s Heartland of America park.  On Sunday we rode our bicycles into Nebraska, a short ride from Tod’s home.   The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, a 3,000 foot bridge specifically designed for pedestrians and cyclists, took us from Iowa into downtown Omaha, where we stopped at Patrick’s Market for a mid-day snack.

Omaha, downtown building

Downtown Omaha

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

Nebraska/Iowa Border on Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge

Sunday night we rode back into downtown Omaha to catch the midnight train to California.  The night was not without it’s surprises – when we went out to load our bicycles with our gear, we found Kai had a flat tire.  We were glad we had planned on leaving early, and that we had Tod’s garage to work in (Thanks again, Tod!), as it gave us plenty of time (and light) to make repairs and get to the Amtrak station with time to spare.

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge, lit by LEDs


Omaha, as viewed from Iowa

Amtrak, Nebraska

Our Night Ride to the Amtrak Station

We captured our night ride from Council Bluffs to the Amtrak in Omaha.  Check it out:

Music By:  Mr. Scruff, “Kalimba” (Album: Kalimba/Give Up to Get)


Next Stop: The California Zephyr (Amtrak)



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