A Week Off with Family :: Missouri

After packing as much Fervere bread as would fit on our bicycles, we began cycling north toward Smithville, Missouri.  Our goal was to stop by a bicycle shop on the way to pick up some small parts and then to make it to my sister’s home before dark.

The roads and headwinds had another plan for us though!  We were not prepared for the Missouri roads – up and down, up and down, up and down, with heavy traffic and no shoulders.  Even though most drivers gave us plenty of room when passing, the roads themselves created a dangerous situation for cyclists and drivers alike.  Riding under such conditions creates stress and tension so we pulled off the road often to take breaks, stretch, and give ourselves pep talks.  Because of our breaks and our stop at a grocery store and bicycle shop we made it to my sister’s house late, riding through the sunset and into the early evening.


Finally off the busy main roads, we see Smithville’s water tower in the distance.

The next day we woke to a beautiful day and the rest of the week followed suit.  We spent the weekend with my siblings, parents, nieces and nephews.


View from Sheila’s sister’s home.

We spent a day in Kansas City, meandering through the city streets and shopping at the Farmer’s Market.  Look at these gorgeous buildings!

Kansas City, MO

Whitney & Andy, Kansas City, MO

Sheila’s brother, Andy, and his partner, Whitney.

Kansas City Farmer's Market

Lots of colorful food at the market.

KC Farmer's Market KC Farmer's Market 2 KC Farmer's Market Flowers KC Farmer's Market Flower Seed/Pod KC Farmer's Market Teas KC Farmer's Market Spices KC Street View

Praying Mantis, Street of Kansas City, MO

We spotted this praying mantis on a busy city street!

We had a great time with my family and wish we could have spent more time visiting — we miss you already!!

Before long, it was time to hit the road again, while the weather allowed.  After considering the forecast and the time we had left (we’re trying to get south of CA by the end of December) we opted to ride northwest, through Missouri and Iowa, to Omaha, Nebraska.  There, we would catch the Amtrak again in order to push us further west.


Next Stop:  Missouri & Iowa

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