We're off!

After a mad dash to close up the Tiny House and to pack our panniers, we’re off on our round-the-world travels by bicycle!!  We’re sure there is something we’ve forgotten to take care of but such is life, and we will deal with those as they come up.

We are feeling a mix of emotions right now.  Leaving a Tiny House we’ve put so much of our hearts into over the last year, our friends & family, and everything we’ve come to know as ” normal” is more daunting than we expected.  Yet, we are also experiencing much excitement and anticipation of life on the road.

We’ll try to post as much as possible as we’re on the road, and we are looking forward to finishing our final Tiny House video, but for the first week we may just take it easy and enjoy our transition to life on bicycles.

Our intended route is to head west across Lake Champlain, through New York and Pennslyvania.  The route is being decided sort of haphazardly since our originally planned route was waylayed by cold weather and we have had no time to research a new route.  Nothing like two overly-zealous planners leaving without a plan!  Oh boy, this is going to be fun! 🙂

Well, it’s time to get out of town before it starts pouring rain again!   Till we post again, here’s a glimpse of our last 24 hours of final preparations:




No Rain – perfect opportunity to pack on the porch!

Packing finally done! It was a late night.




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