Adjusting to Life on a Bicycle

Railroad Run Trail outside of Saratoga Springs, NY

Into our second week on the road, we’re still trying to find a daily rhythm that works for both of us. We’ve been focusing on the basics: riding, eating & sleeping. It sounds simple enough, but in reality, all three take some planning and forethought when you’re first starting out, especially if there are two of you, with potentially different ideas [Read More…]

How Fear Can Overwhelm Us :: Day 7


Due to lack of photos taken on the last day of our first week, I failed to mention the events of Day 7 in our last post, yet it exemplified the classic unpredictability that comes with long-distance cycle touring. It also offered a lesson about fear and acceptance. Ignorance is not always Blissful

After getting a very late start out of Queensbury, NY, we [Read More…]

Week 1 On the Road :: Searching for our Natural Rhythm

“The physical lifestyle is rewarding. You feel like you’ve accomplished something at the end of the day.” ~Laura Burch, of Burch Family Farm & Restaurant in Fort Ann, NY

WOW. We’ve been on the road for over two weeks now and the time flies by! We’re staying with some friends in Chicago at the moment and finally found a moment to [Read More…]

Building our Tiny House : Weeks 21 & 22

Weeks 21 & 22 of building our tiny house on a trailer bring us to the end of our Tiny House story, for now. We had to set a drop-dead date to leave on our bicycles, before the really cool weather sets in. We could have continued to do a million things to finish our Tiny House and to make it perfect [Read More…]

We're off!

After a mad dash to close up the Tiny House and to pack our panniers, we’re off on our round-the-world travels by bicycle!! We’re sure there is something we’ve forgotten to take care of but such is life, and we will deal with those as they come up.

We are feeling a mix of emotions right now. Leaving a Tiny House we’ve put so much of our hearts into [Read More…]