Time to Pack it Up

Last week the Canada geese began to honk their way through Vermont.  Although there is plenty to do before the Tiny House is “finished”, and our personalities are such that we could continue working indefinitely, the time has come for us to follow the calling of the geese, to pack it up and head in a southerly direction.

There was a moment that we considered house sitting in Vermont through the winter, which would allow us time to decompress after all our hard work, to leave in the Spring in a more relaxed pace, and to ride the route that we originally intended (into Canada and then down through the Northwestern states and along the California coastline) but that idea was short lived.  After delaying our launch date by 12 months in 2010, and then another 6 months this year, we could not bear the thought of sitting out another season before leaving.

Celebrating Lessons Learned

Four years ago we began taking small steps to fulfill our dreams of living more intentionally and of cycling around the world together.  It’s been a wild ride, one that has been simultaneously stressful and exhilarating.  We’re really proud of all that we’ve accomplished in such a short time and it proves that we are capable of achieving anything we set our minds to.

That being said, if we had to do it all over again, we would have put less pressure on ourselves and destroyed any notion of maintaining a preconceived schedule during the building of our Tiny House.  From this experience, we have begrudgingly learned to let go – of imaginary deadlines, of outside pressure to achieve, and of the societal notion that one must always be “busy” to be moving forward.  It’s a timely lesson, considering we’ll need to incorporate the tactic of “letting go” into our upcoming life on the road.

September 30th = GO!

We are both ready to find personal freedom and strengthen our bodies and spirits by Riding Our Bicycles Around the World!

But before we go, we want to slow down a bit, to take note of where we are today, admire our Tiny House, and be thankful for each other, our endurance, and our community of friends and supporters who have helped us get this far in realizing our dream of a better life.

We’re finishing up on our final tasks this weekend, next week we’ll have a “Leave No Trace Open House Farewell Party” with local friends, and on Friday, September 30th, almost a full year after parking the Tiny House trailer in our backyard, we will ride into the next phase of our lives.



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