Building our Tiny House : Week 9

During week 9 of  building our tiny house on a trailer we finish installing gable end roof flashing, dormer fascia and flashing, priming and painting the front door, and installing the cedar trim, frieze, skirts, and drip edge flashing.  We also spent our first night in the house, a very exciting milestone!

Current Report

We’re finishing up on the last of the dormer siding, doing some final maintenance tasks around the house (like landscaping), and selling our surplus supplies and tools in prep for our departure.

We’ve had lots of visitors lately, worried they will miss us before we leave, but we wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye!  Although we’re almost ready to hit the road, we do hope to have a farewell party before we go and hope to see many of our local friends there.

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Week 9 Video

Our video capturing our 9th week of building our Tiny House (if you want to see our progress from the beginning, watch previous videos here):

Music by Colin Hay, “My Brilliant Feat”
Album: Going Somewhere

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