Building our Tiny House : Week 10

During Week 10 of  building our tiny house on a trailer we put finishing touches on the door and roof, and begin installation of the redwood siding that we rescued from a contractor selling on Craigslist as “waste” from another project.

Current Report

We’re living in week 15 right now, and we’re in the final stretch.  Our yard is being cleared of supply piles and we’re finishing up on some final building, maintenance, and landscaping tasks before we can pack our panniers and gather round friends to say farewell.

[If you’re new to this blog, find out why we’re building “tiny” by reading this page.  To catch up on our Tiny House blog entries to date and subscribe to our Tiny House feed go here.]

Week 10 Video

If you’d like to see our progress from the beginning, watch previous videos here.

Music by Eddie Vedder, “Rise

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