Building our Tiny House : Week 7

Seven weeks into building our tiny house on a trailer we finish installing our windows, sand and repair our “found” front door, build out the wheel wells, and install fascia, soffits, flashing and roofing.  It was a very productive week!

Today, we’re still working on installing the last of the redwood siding (I know, it’s taking us forever!).  We’re almost there but we’re learning as we go, and rain and heat have prevented us from working full days, so our progress is slower than we expected.  We’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though and will be on our bicycles soon, heading out on our next project and adventure.

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Week 7 Video

Our video capturing our 7th week of building our Tiny House (if you want to see our progress from the beginning, watch previous videos here):

Music by Cat Power, “Free”
Album: You Are Free


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