Building our Tiny House : Week 6

During the 6th week of building our tiny house on a trailer we prepare the roof for installation of the Fabral Gavalume panels and begin installing our windows (they’re awfully cute).  It’s all very exciting and it feels like we’re making real progress now.  As a result, our launch date for our around-the-world cycling expedition grows closer.

As of today, we’re in the middle of Week 11 of our building. Redwood siding is going up and we’re putting the finishing touches on the porch. Our greatest desire at this point is to be on the road on our bicycles but we’re trying to stay focused on this equally as important step toward simplification and living a more sustainable lifestyle. It will be wonderful to come home to the Tiny House we’ve built with our very own hands when we return from our travels. It’s an odd dichotomy – we’re feeling such a strong connection to this physical structure, our home, while also feeling a need to leave it for life on the road.

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Week 6 Video

Our video capturing our 4th week of building our Tiny House (if you want to see our progress from the beginning, watch previous videos here):

Music by The Frames (Album: The Cost) “People Get Ready”


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