Building our Tiny House : Week 5

More rain during Week 5 but we’re working, working, working…. to finish our Tiny House.  In this week’s video, you can sense the exhaustion we’re feeling.  Running on fumes, dealing with a couple of injuries, consistant rain, and feeling the stress of deadlines, it was a rough week but we pushed through it to make it to the other side.

As of today, we’re closing up on Week 9  and our building is weather-tight.  It also marks a milestone for us – we spent our first night in the Tiny House!  It’s very cozy and even more spacious than we expected so we’re thrilled.  So stay tuned for videos of Week  6 – 10, and a tour of our interior space, coming soon!

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Week 5 Video

Our video capturing our 5th week of building our Tiny House:  (to see our progress from the beginning, watch previous videos here):

Music: Bob Marley and the Wailers
Album: Uprising (Work)

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