Building our Tiny House : Week 8

During week 8 of building our tiny house on a trailer we finish installing flashing, fascia, and soffits on the dormers and gable ends, install the door, seal & waterproof the wheel wells, prep the rain wall, and begin to install the cedar trim, frieze and skirts. Current Report

Today we’re taking it easy. Kai isn’t feeling well and it’s a sign [Read More…]

Building our Tiny House : Week 7

Seven weeks into building our tiny house on a trailer we finish installing our windows, sand and repair our “found” front door, build out the wheel wells, and install fascia, soffits, flashing and roofing. It was a very productive week!

Today, we’re still working on installing the last of the redwood siding (I know, it’s taking us forever!). We’re almost there but we’re learning [Read More…]

Building our Tiny House : Week 6

During the 6th week of building our tiny house on a trailer we prepare the roof for installation of the Fabral Gavalume panels and begin installing our windows (they’re awfully cute). It’s all very exciting and it feels like we’re making real progress now. As a result, our launch date for our around-the-world cycling expedition [Read More…]

Cycling Shorts : Q & A with Amaya of

Over the years, as we’ve prepared for our tour, we’ve followed a number of cyclists who were already out there experiencing the world from the seat of a bicycle. Anxiously following their adventures online, their blogs provided inspirational fodder for our dreams. Although we hadn’t met a single one of these cyclists personally, we felt intricately connected to them somehow, and were moved by their online reflections, their struggles, and [Read More…]

Building our Tiny House : Week 5 Part 2

I found additional video detailing our roof construction from Week 5, a tour of the interior space and…..Kai modeling his Zoolander look for the new video camera.

Today we’re finishing up on the metal roofing and will start to install the redwood siding tomorrow.

[If you’re new to this blog, find out why we’re building “tiny” by reading this page. To [Read More…]

Building our Tiny House : Week 5

More rain during Week 5 but we’re working, working, working…. to finish our Tiny House. In this week’s video, you can sense the exhaustion we’re feeling. Running on fumes, dealing with a couple of injuries, consistant rain, and feeling the stress of deadlines, it was a rough week but we pushed through it to make it to the other side.

As of today, [Read More…]