Building our Tiny House : Week 3

We’ve designed and are building a tiny house on a trailer that we plan on living in when we return from our around-the-world cycling expedition.

Our home, when complete, will be ~180 square feet, and will include a kitchen, bathroom, living room, sleeping loft, and a small porch.  We’re using as much local and/or reclaimed lumber and non-toxic materials in the building process as possible, while also paying particular attention to energy efficiency.  To find out why we’re building “tiny” read this page.  To catch up on our Tiny House blog entries to date and subscribe to our Tiny House feed go here.

Week 3 Video

Our video capturing our 3rd week of building our Tiny House (if you want to see our progress from the beginning, watch the videos for Week 1 and Week 2 first):

Music by Jude Christodal. Song: “Out of L.A.”
Album: Jude (No One is Really Beautiful)


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