Building our Tiny House : Week 4

We’re almost done building the envelope of our tiny house on a trailer! Seriously delayed by record rainfall in Vermont, we’re working on the house every second it’s not pouring. We expect to finish up the redwood siding, clean up our site and FINALLY head out on our on our around-the-world cycling expedition sometime in the next couple of weeks. [Read More…]

How a Tiny House Project Delayed our Cycling Expedition

Before we can head out on our around-the-world cycling expedition, we need to finish building the exterior envelope of our Tiny House on a trailer, which we plan on living in when we return from our travels. Building our tiny home has been just one part of our larger dream – a dream of learning to live more sustainably, clearing the “clutter” from [Read More…]

Building our Tiny House : Week 3

We’ve designed and are building a tiny house on a trailer that we plan on living in when we return from our around-the-world cycling expedition.

Our home, when complete, will be ~180 square feet, and will include a kitchen, bathroom, living room, sleeping loft, and a small porch. We’re using as much local and/or reclaimed lumber and non-toxic materials in the building process as [Read More…]

And the winner is...

“Little House on a Small Planet” Winner Congratulations to the winner of our most recent book giveaway: Mike Ellefson

We hope you enjoy “Little House on a Small Planet: Simple Homes, Cozy Retreats, and Energy Efficient Possibilities” by Shay Solomon (Photographs by Nigel Valdez), as much as we have.

[Read More…]