Building Our Tiny House : Week 2

In case you’re new to our blog, you may not know about a project we’re working on before we leave on our around-the-world cycling expedition.  We’ve designed and are building a tiny house on a trailer that we plan on living in when we return from our travels.  

Our home, when complete, will be ~180 square feet, and will include a kitchen, bathroom, living room, sleeping loft, and a small porch.  We’re using as much local and/or reclaimed lumber and non-toxic materials in the building process as possible, while also paying particular attention to energy efficiency.  You can read all of our Tiny House blog entries to date and subscribe to our Tiny House feed here.


Although we’ve had lots of rain the past couple of weeks, we’re slowly making progress. Here’s our video summary of our second week of building:

Nick Drake’s “Black-Eyed Dog” (Way to Blue)

Sound of rain recorded by:
Ryan Gregory & Christine Jeanine (


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  • From what I remember, wasn’t the plan to screw and glue? It looks like you were nailing all the way. Any reason for this, or did I just miss the screwing?

    • Kai

      Regarding “gluing and screwing” – the sheathing on the walls and the roof is all nailed and screwed in place; the screws in the wall were installed through the vertical strapping and the last layer of plywood sheathing on the roof is screwed through the various layers into the rafters beneath. Both the perpendicular strapping under the floor and ¼” masonite attached to it are held in place with screws. The plywood sub-floor is nailed and screwed in place. We opted to go the non-toxic route and thus stayed away from caulking. The floor will be face-screwed and plugged – not looking forward to that. 🙂

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