An Update: Snow, Taxes, Bicycles, To-Do lists

We can’t believe it’s February.  Our spring departure is right around the corner!

Snow and MORE Snow – 78 inches so far!!

We witnessed a simply beautiful snowfall this weekend.  By the time the sky cleared, 24 inches of the white stuff had blanketed our already snow-covered tiny house trailer & our back yard supply piles.  I like the way the tiny house blends in completely with the rolling snow drifts, giving us an out-of-sight-out-of-mind kind of permission to focus on planning our bike trip.  We’re expecting another 3-6 inches tonight!

Taxes, Bicycles and To-Do Lists 

We hunkered down this weekend to do our taxes, to spend time admiring my bicycle as it’s slowly taking form (photos to come soon), and to cross off a few more items on our still-long To-Do list.  A little bit here and a little bit there, and we’ll get there eventually!

Bicycle Book Giveaway

We gave away some great books to the winners of our Cycling Book Giveaway last month!  Congratulations to Lance, Nation, and Birgit.  Happy Reading (and Cycling!).

Updates to Website

We’ve added details about my bicycle on the gear pages and will be adding a Sponsor page soon (we’re really excited about some of the equipment we’ve received from sponsors – not your everyday gear!).

We’ve also added an About our Tiny House page and dedicated a page to our Tiny House posts.  If you’re not interested in cycling or our other rants, you can subscribe to receive only the Tiny House feed.

It’s Official – My “Quit Date” (for one of my two jobs)

I’ve tendered my resignation and my last day of employment is March 4th – only 16 work days left!  I’m feeling both exhilaration and a subtle horror over this fact.

Speaking of TAXES:  to help take the edge off and remember to laugh about it all, I watch this scene from Stranger than Fiction every year:

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