The Building of My Bike: The Frame V

Folk Engineered put the finishing touches on my frame and fork and it’s safe to say that I was thrilled to see photos of the final product today.  I’ve only been through their facebook album 30 times tonight and I still can’t believe she’s mine!  Gorgeous, strong, elegant.  What more could a girl ask for?

**All photos by Folk Engineered**

Powder coating the frame:

The fork coming out of the oven:

The fork and frame once dry:

The eccentric bottom bracket shell:

Folk Engineered’s New Jersey badge:

“Anti-rotation Bridge” for the Rohloff SpeedHub:

“Anti-Rotation Bridge” with “key” for Rohloff SpeedHub:

The final product:

To see a photo-documentary of the full powder coating procedure, and more photos of the fork and frame, check out Folk Engineered’s photo album.

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