Building a Strong Foundation and Our Find of the Month

The work on the Tiny House has begun! 

Kai leveling the trailer.  We had four scissor jacks welded on to our custom-made frame by a Vermont welder.

Measuring/Cutting floor joists.

Kai drilled holes in order to bolt the floor joists to the trailer (apparently this took a lot of time and energy and wasn’t much fun).  We’re recycling the wood from our shed where we can – notice the old wood on the back end.

And our Find of the Month (and perhaps the year!):

2000 linear feet of 3/8 x 5 1/2 inch B Heart redwood boards that we’ll use as clapboards on our tiny house and for other projects.  One side and an edge are milled.  We originally planned on using Eastern white cedar but we came across a contractor on Craigslist selling “waste” from a project he had completed — for $.25 a linear foot!  Crazy deal.  Guess we’ll have to “settle” for redwood!

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  • David Jacobowitz

    Are you guys familiar with Kevin Rose and Marion Carter’s project, Gypsy Rose?

    See any similarities?


    • Yes, we are familiar with the sweet little Gypsy Rose! We followed the building of it on line — that’s where we got the idea of buidling a custom frame for our tiny house.

      We follow a lot of tiny house builders online as they chronicle their projects (we’ll post links to all of them soon), and we’ve gleamed a bit o’ knowledge from every single one of them. We’re incorporating different features we’ve seen from different tiny houses to make a tiny house that fits our lifestyle and needs.

      Thanks for following our progress!

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