An Update (September already?!)

Image: Salvatore Vuono


If it seems like we’ve been neglecting our blog lately, we have been!  With the cool Vermont evenings sneaking their way into our lives, we’re frantically focused on trying to finish exterior work – landscaping and maintenance of the house.  To be truthful, we’re freaking out a bit because we’re behind schedule on a lot of our to-do list.  Plus, we’ve hit a couple of unexpected speed bumps in the last month.

For one, we’re two months behind where we thought we would be on building our tiny house.  Turns out the person/business we orginally hired to make the trailer, months ago, felt it was ok to lie to us on a weekly basis about the status of the trailer, making us believe it would be finished “this week”, then “within the next two weeks”, then “just another week”.  Assuming the trailer was actually being built and trying to gauge how much time would be lost if we switched builders, we finally decided we’d given the guy more than enough opportunity to deliver, so we told him we would pick up the axles and parts we paid for in order to try to find someone else to finish the job.  That’s when we found out they hadn’t even ordered our axles yet!  Needless to say, that was a huge blow for us.  Luckily, we found a local Vermont welder who has stepped up to the task so we’re hoping we’ll see the trailer in the next week or so.

Kai Working on Attic Insulation projectOn another front, while we’ve been waiting for the trailer, Kai has been chipping away at all the work around the house since the middle of July, at an impressive pace.  Some might even call it an unsustainable pace.  And, as life has a way of redirecting us to slow down when we need to, this past week, he woke up with an odd feeling in his abdomen, which eventually took up painful residence in his nether-regions (ouch).  When I came home Thursday and found him on the couch, where he had been all day, I realized it was something serious.  There isn’t much that can sidetrack him from our goals right now.  Forcing him to take ibuprofen (we generally shy away from most drugs), he promised to make a doctor’s appointment the next morning.  The next day, he was given a prescription for a really scary anti-biotic with a 6 page list of side affects, and he was promptly sent to the hospital for further tests.  After a couple of hours in the hospital, I tucked him in on the couch, awaiting the call which would give us the prognosis.  Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long – he wouldn’t need surgery, it was simply a really nasty infection of some sort.  Where he picked it up from is anyone’s guess – perhaps there was something in the original foundation he’s been repointing or under the porches where he’s been doing excavation work (is that possible?).  We expect the medication to take care of the problem within a couple of weeks, but for now, he’s down for the count, until he gets his strength back and fully recovers.


Good News Updates

Kai finished re-pointing the majority of the foundation (detailed post to come).

I spent a week observing our local Vermont Adult Learning instructor Brian Mahoney teaching ESL to local residents at the Sara Holbrook Center, which was a great learning experience.  I also proudly received my TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Core Certificate and my certification for Teaching Language Skills to Young Learners.

printing press

Goodbye Dear Printing Press!

We continue to sell or give away our possessions, including most of my art and studio supplies.  My printing press was sold this week and I sold a ton of my work at the Art Hop this past weekend.  Kai is an eBay expert now, and is sending sold items off every week.

We finished insulating and sealing off the attic (Kai did most of the work, I just fed the insulation into the feeder).

Kai has been landscaping around the house, putting stone around the completed foundation, and putting gutters up once he’s repaired sections of fascia.

We’re still taking time to get involved with the community – one of our major goals in the midst of these life changes.   Kai volunteered again this month to help out with Local Motion’s Bike Ferry and I completed the walk and fundraising for Laura’s March on Saturday (thanks to all who donated!).

We’re still super excited about the progress we’re making.  Although we are really frustrated with how much time is being taken up by our “minimizing” efforts – we had hoped to be able to spend more time, by now, building better relationships with people and our community – we know at some point, in the near future, we’ll be able to reap the rewards of all this work.  So, we’ll stick with it and we’ll get there eventually!

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