So Much Stuff : Reflections on Making Room

In my first attempt at creating a video, I reflect on material possessions, purging, and making room for other “things” in our lives. 

One step of many on our path to simplicity….


Purging Possessions, Making Room from 2cycle 2gether on Vimeo.

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  • So I’ve managed to figure out that Michael Chapman wrote the song, but which one is it? I really like this song and the message in the video struck a chord with me.

    • Hi Trevor, thanks for saying hello. And thanks for pointing out that I didn’t reference the source of music……that was the first video I ever made so I forgot to add the musician details (going to do that directly after posting this comment!).

      I love Michael Chapman. I tweaked his “Memphis in Winter” to repeat for my video but he has some lyrics that go with the song. There’s a ton more of Michael and free downloads of his music at: Here’s the link to Michael’s page:

      Keep in touch!


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