On Living Big

“The more intentional you are in your choices, the more every change makes room for more changes…
I just love that there’s this endless potential.”

~Dee Williams

There is a growing small house movement in North America.  The movement challenges us to rethink how we define “home”.  It questions why we need so much space (the average American home size is 2500 square feet) and, of course, stuff to fill up all that space.  By living in a small home, we hope to create more opportunity (time, money, mental space) to allow us to live in a way we haven’t had available to us before.  We prefer to think of it as a way for us to start “living big”. 

To help you understand why we want to live in our Wee House and to give you a glimpse into the lives of others who are already living big, check out the following videos.

Although we’ve never met Dee Williams, we love her.   Read about her story and check out her home:

A leader in the small house movement, Jay Shafer founded Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and moved into his own tiny house over ten years ago (link to watch here if the video below does not play):

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