Causeway Bike Ferry

This month Kai is a volunteer support person for the Local Motion Causeway Bike Ferry.

Island Line Bike Trail and Causeway : Photo Shirley Chevalier

The Causeway Bike Ferry, operating since 2000, provides ferry transportation for cyclists and their bicycles to “bridge the gap” on the bike path from Colchester to South Hero, VT.  The days and time of service offered is determined by availability of funding and volunteers.  This year, service is running every weekend from July 3rd through Labor Day, more days than ever before!  Volunteers are needed to provide support for the service.  If you like seeing people ride their bikes and are available to greet folks or help out, click here for more information on how to volunteer.  City Market Coop members can earn worker hours by volunteering.  Or if you are looking for a way support the cause AND to ride the scenic Island Line Trail, click here to plan your bike trip.

Learn more about the history of the Bike Ferry.

Check out Local Motion’s website, a non-profit organization advocating for “people-powered transportation” in Vermont, to find out more about their fantastic programs.

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