Maude Delivers!

Water Is A Right

Fresh on the heels of yesterday’s historic decision by the United Nations General Assembly which (finally!) added water and sanitation to their list of basic human rights – thanks in large part to her tireless advocacy – the esteemed Maude Barlow, visited our little town and spoke at an event sponsored by our local Peace and Justice Center, the [Read More…]

Diggers' Mirth : Vending Produce by Bicycle

Diggers' Mirth Vending Bicycle

“Blueeeeberries! Mescluuuun! Cilaaaaantro!” **chring*a*ring** “Caaaarrots! Cuuuuucumbers!” **chring*a*ring**

Much to our delight, Kai and I heard the yells of a food vendor and his bicycle bells riding down our street early on Friday evening. As we rushed to make sure we weren’t dreaming, we caught sight of Elango Dev riding down our street on a bicycle piled high with produce.

“Elango, Elango – Wait, please stop!!”, we yelled, so excited [Read More…]

Looking Back, Moving Forward

In my first attempt at podcasting, Kai reflects upon quitting his job, our upcoming tour around the world and the possibilities of what the future may hold for us.

Music in this podcast by Major Chord.


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You may also be interested in :: Kai’s blog post written for Aviation Justice, A Former Airline [Read More…]

Almost 'All Aboard!'

Bike Car

Following a full day of work improving the facade of our house, I put my papa Hans on the train this morning bound for his home in southern Vermont. The once daily train service, Amtrak’s “Vermonter” – which originates in the sleepy northern Vermont hamlet of St. Albans and continues south all the way to Washington, D.C. – departs the Essex Junction train stop at 9:00a.m. and shuttles south [Read More…]

On Living Big

“The more intentional you are in your choices, the more every change makes room for more changes… I just love that there’s this endless potential.” ~Dee Williams

There is a growing small house movement in North America. The movement challenges us to rethink how we define “home”. It questions why we need so much [Read More…]

Latest Finds

Tiny Fridge

Kai and his papa, Hans, are busy working on the house this weekend and I’m finishing up on my TESOL capstone requirement and preparing for our yard sale planned for next weekend, but I thought I would quickly share some of our most recent great finds. We’ll give more details in future posts, but here’s a quick run down:

Cycling Stuff

Kai’s Power Grips (from eBay [Read More…]