Rain Barrel Tour

Kai giving my bike a tune up

We’re off to Swanton, Vermont!


Kai recently sold a couple of rain barrels to Swanton School and we’re going to deliver them by bicycle to Mr. Acanfora’s Sixth Grade class on Monday morning.  We’re super excited to have an excuse to take some time off for a quick weekend tour.  Leaving tomorrow, we’ll meander our way up north, riding along Lake Champlain, and we’ll camp somewhere near Swanton for the night.  Then on Monday morning we’ll make our delivery and visit with the class to talk a bit about rain barrels, riding bikes and living sustainably.  It’ll give us a chance to test some of our new gear (we’ll use our tent for the first time), get some exercise and see beautiful Vermont in my favorite month of the year.

Unfortunately, the forecast for tomorrow calls for rain at ~50°F !  However, Monday it looks like we’ll have a rain free sky above us, so we have that to look forward to.

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