Bike Touring Basics :: Free eBook

“If this bike trip has done one overwhelming thing for us,
it’s convinced us that the world is a good place.”


One of our favorite websites over the last couple of years has been

Created by a couple originally from New Brunswick, who started a world wide cycling expedition from Montreal in 2006, the site provides a daily blog of their adventures.  Freidal and Andrew cycled over 50,000 km, through over 30 countries, in three years time.  Their global tour ended last year and they’re currently living in Holland, but they haven’t stopped talking about cycling on their site.  They still cover their own local adventures as well as provide a resourceful site for cyclists – full of interviews, podcasts, photos, and tips about cycle touring.

While they were on the road, and still today, Friedel continues to answer any questions I have thrown her way about cycle touring, as well as calmed some of my fears along the way.  Lucky for me, and all cycle (or wanna-be) tourists, she and Andrew created a Bike Touring Basics eBook which provides a wealth of information, from how to save money for a tour to how to find a place to sleep while on the road.  Check it out and, while you’re reading, look for a quote from me under the Planning and Preparation Section!

Listen to a CBC radio interview with Friedel from about their round the world cycling trip.

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