The Beginning (Sort Of)

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…
not going all the way, and not starting.”
~ Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta

Originally, we had hoped to be on the road in the spring or summer of 2010 but last July, once we reviewed our financial situation along with all of our other personal goals we wanted to accomplish before leaving, we realized that we needed more time to prepare for an open ended cycling expedition of this nature.  Pushing back our start date by 12 months was a little unnerving.  I couldn’t help thinking it would take FOREVER to get there and that this was the beginning of our making excuses for not going at all.  In an attempt to help pass the time and keep our eye on the dream ahead of us, I printed out a 21 month calendar and hung it in our kitchen.  Each month, with much surprise at how quickly time passes, we X off another month.

I laugh at my naivety of a year ago.  Today, we find ourselves with a mile long list of things to do before we can cycle off into the sunset next spring!  Beyond gathering equipment and making plans for our cycling trip, we are also involved in a variety of projects and community activities.

I have taken on a second, part-time, job with COTS, a fantastic non-profit organization.  I’m also taking an online TESOL certification course, which will allow me to get involved with ESL instruction locally and may come in handy as we travel.  The last two months I’ve thrown myself into learning how to set up and use WordPress and am slowly but steadily making progress on our website.

Kai has been gathering our equipment and doing research on various travel related subjects.  He’s also making rain barrels for local folks (he made me three last year that I LOVE) and has been steadily selling off his belongings via Craigslist.  His job doesn’t allow him much time home but he’s been diligently collecting supplies in anticipation of our exciting summer project (stay tuned for the unveiling!).

Beyond all of that, we’ve been involved in many other activities that make up our daily lives, spending time with friends and family, and trying to find some occasional down time to rejuvenate.  We’re growing more excited every day.  We often find ourselves exchanging conspiratorial looks and mischieveous grins.  It’s absolutely fantastic!

2 comments to The Beginning (Sort Of)

  • Eric

    I am interested if your rain barrels can also be used for at-home whiskey distillation? If so, please send me 7 of them.

    • Kai

      If only. 🙂 Stainless steel and copper do a much better job (without melting). Better yet, why drink it when you can use it to cook with, and produce only water vapor and oxygen in the process? Go here to learn more and after you brew up a batch of fuel, pickup one of these or this or one of these (if you need an oven) and, utilizing your homemade fuel, completely eliminate your reliance on natural gas and/or propane (and the associated infrastructure) to cook your food. Not to shabby!

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