Simplify.  Connect.  Redefine.

Sustainable Living & Bicycling Around the World


Welcome!   We’re Sheila and Kai.  

Following a desire to live more intentional lives, we’ve redefined our priorities and are eliminating “stuff” that prevents us from fulfilling our dreams and becoming more engaged world citizens.

We drastically reduced our debt, our belongings and our living space.  We planned and saved for years then quit unsustainable jobs to build our tiny home on wheels. Currently, we’re writing a book about how we designed and built our home and are volunteering and house sitting as we travel around the world by bicycle. Our open-ended and self-supported global cycle tour began in October of 2011 and we expect be on the road for many years.  We’re on a pilgrimage, one in which we hope to reconnect with ourselves, humanity and the natural world. We’d be honored if you’d join us on this journey!



Sharing Stories, Creating Community

Why share our story?

Over the years we’ve followed stories of other cyclists, of Tiny House DIYers and of those who have embraced voluntary simplicity.  We’ve found them inspiring, entertaining, and helpful.  Now, we’re hoping to make our own small contribution to these online communities.

As we make more sustainable and intentional choices in our lives we want to share what we discover along the way.  Our blog will cover subjects like rain collection barrels, composting toiletsalcohol stovesagricultureconsumption, waste, reusecomposting, the small house movement, building science, supporting local economies and lots more.  Our TurnAbout Series offers a forum for discussing current or critical social or environmental justice issues.

Writing about people we meet along the way- activists like Vandana Shiva and Maude Barlow, authors like Derrick Jensen, stewards of the land like Diggers’ Mirth – will keep us grounded in the knowledge that we’re all interconnected and help fuel our desire (and hopefully yours as well) to affect positive change in the world.  If you’re in need of more inspiration, check out our Galvanizing Hope Series, where we introduce you to every day people doing AMAZING things.

Lastly, we are and will be involved in various fundraising projects, humanitarian efforts, and other activities.  Via this site, we hope to enable a generous worldwide community to participate in those efforts.


Why are we cycling around the world?

  • to challenge ourselves
  • to open ourselves up to new experiences and opportunities
  • to enjoy life to its fullest
  • to see the world
  • to remove ourselves from a cycle of wasteful consumption
  • to live a more sustainable lifestyle
  • to redefine our place within the world
  • to create more meaningful connections with people
  • to grow more familiar with the earth and each other
  • to fulfill one of our many dreams
  • to form a life better aligned with our values
  • to witness lifestyles, problems, accomplishments, and dreams of people around the world