Almost 'All Aboard!'

Bike Car

Following a full day of work improving the facade of our house, I put my papa Hans on the train this morning bound for his home in southern Vermont. The once daily train service, Amtrak’s “Vermonter” – which originates in the sleepy northern Vermont hamlet of St. Albans and continues south all the way to Washington, D.C. – departs the Essex Junction train stop at 9:00a.m. and shuttles south [Read More…]

Causeway Bike Ferry

Island Line Bike Trail and Causeway : Photo Shirley Chevalier

This month Kai is a volunteer support person for the Local Motion Causeway Bike Ferry.

The Causeway Bike Ferry, operating since 2000, provides ferry transportation for cyclists and their bicycles to “bridge the gap” on the bike path from Colchester to South Hero, VT. The days and time of service offered is determined by availability of funding and volunteers. This year, service [Read More…]

Month of the Bike

Way to Go Vermont

“It is curious that with the advent of the automobile and the airplane, the bicycle is still with us. Perhaps people like the world they can see from a bike, or the air they breathe when they’re out on a bike. Or they like the bicycle’s simplicity and the precision with which it is made. Or because they like the feeling of being able to hurtle through [Read More…]